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Hans-Göran Eriksson

Galleri HG

Mobil: 0708 35 68 07



Hans-Göran Eriksson is a well established artist and an artgallery owner with a professional

background from international business cooperation. In 1996 his career took a new direction

and Hans-Göran decided  to focus on his artworks and he built the brand,

Hge – Playful art for everyone

From his Stockholm based studio, he dispatches his creations to all corners of the world, Europe, USA and Far East. His works hang in loft apartments in New York and private collectors in Milano and Paris, corporation boardrooms in Sweden and stylish homes.

The way I see it, my art is for everyone not just a well heeled few. I believe that the best art makes you feel better, uplifted, inspired. Too often art sets out to shock, perplex and disturb.

I would like to leave that job for the intellectuals. My art is about expressing joy, warmth and human kindness. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I do take my artwork seriously. 

I paint primarily abstract art / dripping acrylic and oil on canvas or board, and I also use gesso as part of painting process. Not allowing the gesso to dry and I blend acrylic paint directly on the surface. In some painting I use a combination of materials and paint in to create a collage. Lately I have started to work with digital print of my original painting, on which I also add paint, it is called Mixed Media.